d46-damansara kuala lumpur

D46 - Damansara Kuala Lumpur

Project Overview

The Damansara catchment is covered by two local authority jurisdictions, which are Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL). The Damansara catchment was created to serve approximately 404 hectare areas within Kuala Lumpur specifically Taman Tun Dr.Ismailand its boundary being Jalan Damansara. However, the catchment boundary now has been expanded to take into consideration a large part of Petaling Jaya Penchala Damansara catchment which is part of the Petaling District catchment strategy. The projected ultimate Population Equivalent (P.E) of this catchment is about 200,000 P.E. until year 2035.

In Damansara Catchment, there is one regional sewerage treatment plant located downhill of Bukit Kiara and near to Jalan Damansara exit from SPRINT Highway. The regional STP currently used two types of system which are Extended Aeration (EA) and Oxidation Ditch (OD). The total designs PE for these two plants are 150,000 P.E

This project under Package D46 forms part of the works proposed under the Greater KL initiatives to be implemented by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan, Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air (KETTHA).

The works for this package is design & build of sewerage rationalization works at Damansara catchment area including rationalization of 19 multi point sewerage treatment plant, decommission the rationalised 22 numbers of sewerage treatment plants including 3 government premises, construct of 10.5KM sewerage pipeline by trenchless and open cut method and Construction of new pump houses.

The aim of this project are:
•    To establish a new and effective sewage rationalization works at Damansara which will reduces the polution loading into the receiving water courses.
•    To reduce the bad odour and buffer issue faced by residence.
•    Establishing green areas through the rationalization of the old treatment plants.
•    To establish a new sewerage system which is cost effective in terms of operational and maintenance wise.

•     Value of the project: RM119 million
•     Duration of project: (2014 - 2018)
•     Total length trenchless work    : 5.5KM
•     Sizes of trenchless work involved    : 225VCP, 225VCJP, 300VCJP, 375VCJP, 450RCJP, 525RCJP, 600RCJP, 750RCJP, 900RCJP, 100DI, 150DI, 300DI, 700DI
•     Total length of open cut: 5KM
•     Sizes of open cut pipe involved: 225VCP, 100DI, 150DI, 300DI, 700DI
•     Total nos of shaft: 103nos
•     Sizes & depth of shaft involved: Depth <5m =47nos  Depth >5m =53nos  Size: 2100mm, 2500mm, 3300mm & 3600mm
•     Total nos of Manhole : 115nos
•     Sizes & depth of Manhole involved: 1200mm dia, 1350mm dia, 1500mm dia, 1800mm dia
•     Nos of STP, sizes & PE: Rationalisation of 22 STP