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Civil Construction

Kota Menara Ufuk Sdn Bhd is having more than *15 years of experiences in open trench pipe laying and manholes construction work.  With the establishment of Eiscon Construction Sdn Bhd in late 2009, that further enhance and better manage the construction project to continue the path of the open trench and manhole works by own teams using latest and more advance technology which benefitted the projects. The hand-on teams of the company with the innovative approach and value engineering which capitalized and expertized in Open cut, manholes construction, different type of shaft construction and sewerage treatment plant construction in line with achieving the cost, time and quality effective way.


Eiscon Construction Sdn Bhd was established in late 2009 and form part of KMU group to enhance and better management in construction project.

Eiscon's managment team is supported by a pool of committed office staff such as HR & Admin Manager, Finance Manager, Purchasing Manager, Senior Contracts Manager, Contracts Manager, Quantity Surveyor and executive, site staff including Project Managers, Assistance Project Manager, Construction Managers, Project Engineers, Planning Engineers and site supervisors. We also encourage continuous professional development of our employees. We regularly train our employees on technical skills, product knowledge, management techniques and instil them the importance of corporate culture. We also place strong emphasis on training programs to ensure that our employees are updated on the latest safety regulations and technological developments in the industry.

With a strong management team, we are successfully secured more than RM 1 billion sewerage projects and all are well managed and controlled in Cost, Time & Quality.

Construction Real Value in Life

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There are several types of different shaft support methods.

By Sheet Piling Method

Sheet piles are a typical conventional construction method of shaft support. The sheet piles are driven into the ground or can be vibrated into place with the aid of vibro-hammer. Predrilling can be done for harder ground and for deeper installations. When using sheet piles, the interlocking needs to be inspected to ensure water tightness.

If  there is a minor water leakage, it can be welded between the leak joint of two sheet piles. Sheet piles can be difficult to install in the ground condition with the present of cobbles and boulders. Sheet piles come in different shapes and sizes with different design properties.Typically, sheet piles are used to form and support the shaft in rectangular shape, where its intermediate support are braced with internal wallers and struts.

By Precast Concrete Caisson Shaft Sinking Method

The precast concrete caisson shaft sinking method uses one piece or layer of concrete ring that is being added on top of another layer as the excavated proceeds.It was originally designed for use in micro-tunnelling, but is now more widely used for construction of pumping stations, wet wells and manholes, particularly in difficult ground conditions.

KMU GROUP has had completed approximate 500 nos of shafts in various size and depth by using the above method. Yet, there are approximate 400 nos of shafts from the on hand projects to be constructed before years 2017. With a strong and experienced shaft team and special modified machineries for better performance in shaft construction, our shaft construction are always ahead of project schedule and contribution to the success of the projects.


Open cut trench excavation is the traditional and most popular method for lateral sewer construction and also for the purpose of pipes repair or replacement. Open cut or trench excavation is forming the excavated trench in difference depth to its requirement for manual installation and connection of each “stick” or piece of pipe.  This method is usually the least expensive construction and repairing method if the pipe is located under the non-pavement areas such as front or back yard.

Although the market trend is more toward trenchless method for pipe laying, there are still a need in open trench method for some shallow depth pipe installation and in the case of the soil condition is not suitable for trenchless machine.

KMU GROUP has had completed approximate more than 200KM of pipe laying in various size and depth by using the open trench method since 1999. We are still maintaining and improving the skill to the best for the need of the projects.

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A manhole (alternative could be express as utility hole, cable chamber, maintenance hole, inspection chamber, access chamber or confined space) is the top opening to an underground utility vault used to house an access point for making connections or performing maintenance on underground and buried public utilities and other services including sewers, telephone, electricity, storm drains and gas.
There are three common types of Manholes:
1. Precast Shallow Manhole
2.  Precast Standard Manhole
3. Large Diameter Manhole

KMU GROUP has had completed approximate more than 2000 nos of manholes in various size and depth since 1999. We are still maintaining and improving the skill to the best for the need of the projects.


Sewerage treatment Plant is a Structures and appurtenances which receive the discharge of a sanitary drainage system and which are designed to bring about a reduction in the organic and bacterial content of the waste so as to render it less offensive or dangerous.

In a network pumping system, pumps are used to move either raw sewage or septic tank effluent to different parts of the onsite sewage treatment system. Whether the pump handles raw sewage or septic tank effluent, a pumping system consists of four parts: 1)a pump tank or sump; 2) the discharge assembly; 3) the controls; and 4) the pump.

KMU SDN BHD is having a vast experience in Sewerage Treatment Plant (STP) & Network Pumping System (NPS) construction.
We had constructed more than 20 STP within 3 years where the various size of STP have been done and up to the biggest of 210,000 PE.