KMU Corporate Commitment

Corporate commitment

Corporate Commitment to Quality, Safety and Environmental Sustainability

Working in the construction industry, the safety is one of our fundamental values that we  always emphasized the important in all areas of the company. Our health and safety division consist of site-based safety personnel that will provide local assistance and cooperation at the time of need. To ensure safe working environment, our staffs are undergoing regular health and safety training programs.

KMU recognizes its responsibility to conduct its business in the way that will protect and improves the state of the environment for current and future generations. For many years conducting the business, KMU has implemented strategic and operational decisions on environmental sustainability as one of the core corporate principle of the company. KMU reaffirms its commitment towards the environment by integrating the environmentally friendly policies and practices in the organization daily operations such as recycling efforts, promoting energy and materials conservation as well as waste reductions.

In term of quality, KMU strive to achieve the following:
•    Quality workmanship.
•    Effective services.
•    Total customer satisfaction.
•    Timely completion of project.
•    Continual improvement in quality management system and business partnership