KMU Foreword


We established Kota Menara Ufuk Sdn Bhd (KMU) *15 years ago to develop and commercialise an integrated project solution comprising the full spectrum of civil engineering and infrastructure construction.

Since its incorporation in 1999, the Company has grown from strength to strength. The Company has secured more than 150 projects worth the total value of more than RM1 billion.

We have achieved more than a decade of success serving our esteemed clients in specialized projects like Sewerage network and Pipe Laying Works via several techniques such as Open Trench Method and Trenchless Method; Sewerage Treatment Plant; bridge and road work and many more. We have steadily invested our expertise in perfecting the performance, economics, safety and sustainability of KMU, currently KMU is privileged to be a part of the nation’s NKEA landmark project - Greater KL/KV, which will turn Malaysia’s capital into one of the world’s pre-eminent city by 2020. KMU is proud to be the appointed Main-Contractor/Sub-Contractor for laying more than 100 km length of underground sewer pipeline using our landmark methods i.e. the Trenchless Method and the Open Trench Method, under Greater KL/KV and Malaysia’s ETP.

Our success hinges on our commitment in delivering quality services to our client. Moreover, KMU has implemented the Quality Management System complying with ISO9001:2008 and being awarded ISO Certification in 2009.

In the years ahead, we will continue to invest and to advance the frontiers engineering and technology especially in project and construction management, property development and investment, roads and bridges, trenchless technology and construction services while being mindful of our corporate obligation to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for our future generations.